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Worldwide Presence

EMC Satcom Technologies has built satellite networks in more than 50 countries around the world, often selling through or working with local integrators and other partners. We serve telecom carriers (wireline and wireless), ISPs, governments, and private enterprises in various industries. In some cases we also operate these networks for our customers, taking on the service level requirements imposed on them by their regulators and customers. We adapt our VSAT network solutions for each customer and work closely with our local partners on logistical and business challenges.

From our multiple operations centers we provide 24x7 customer support and can provide total managed network services anywhere in the world.

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DVB-RCS2: Advancing TDM/TDMA Technology 

EMC Satcom Technologies is the first company in the industry to support the “RCS2” standard. In June of 2011, EMC Satcom Technologies also led the way with the first public demonstration of the major high-performance features in the new RCS2 standard, just a few months after approval by the DVB organization.  Currently EMC Satcom's DVB-RCS2 compliant SatLink networks provide reliable, high quality connectivity solutions in locations around the world.

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News and Announcements

EMC Satcom Featured in SatMagazine

December 9th 2014

EMC Satcom Technologies is featured in SatMagazine's Year in Review issue!

EMC Satcom Hosts Seminar on SatLink®

October 16th 2014

EMC Satcom Technologies hosted its Annual Technology Seminar, centered on SatLink® technology, in Abu Dhabi on September 24th and 25th. In addition to providing value added information on the most up to date satellite technology, the participants were also able to take part in case studies that proved how EMC patents and products allow for increased business profitability.  

EMC/STM Recognized as Key Player for Next-Generation Satellite Broadband

November 18th 2013

STM, recently acquired by Emerging Markets Communications (http://www.emc-corp.net) has been recognized for developing satellite communications technology that provides broadband rates without terrestrial connectivity in a recent article about ESA's research in Space Newsfeed. 


EMC Acquires STM and Entities Global IP and Vodanet Brasil

September 23, 2013

Acquisition Creates a Unique Satellite Communications Offering for Key Verticals in Strategic Worldwide Locations. 



SatLink Hub Family

SatLink Hubs provide the high-performance modems, IP gateway, management and control functions for all SatLink VSAT networks.

They implement a TDM/TDMA network in accord with DVB-S2 & DVB-RCS2 standards, offering Bandwidth-on-Demand, ACM, and QoS on all carriers, while delivering excellent efficiency, throughput, scalability, and reliability.


Open Hub Architecture

Complete Flexibility

The Open Hub architecture specifies a completely open, standards-based TDM/TDMA Hub architecture at both the software and hardware level for IP networking over satellite.

This allows for Hubs and complete satellite networks that integrate easily into existing network environments and which will evolve with the needs the hub owner. This allows easy upgrades to support more VSATs and/or more carriers. This allows for fast swap-outs using industry standard equipment like Cisco and networking interfaces like Ethernet. This also allows for sharing the hub with other organizations on a controlled access basis and allows for the optional integration of third party hardware modules for value-added functions.



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EMC Satcom Technologies HQ:
Vollsveien 21 N-1366
Lysaker, Norway
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Tel: +47 (67) 535 337
Fax: +47 (67) 535 335

Partner Program

EMC Satcom Technologies’ Authorized Partner Program is designed for value-added resellers of satellite networks and teleport operators with a regional, industry and/or application focus who wish to work closely with EMC Satcom Technologies and base their solutions on our industry leading SatLink® VSATs and Hubs.  Learn more...